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Beliz request for aid

Ну вот, надо сразу на полезное дело употреблять, а не глупостями заниматься :-)
Правда, пока мой журнал особо никто не читает, но если вдруг... то вот.... Короче, едем мы типа отдыхать. В Белиз. Есть такая страна, оказывается. Ну и попросили нас туда привезти помощь всякую. Ну мы чё, мы тока за. Тем более круто как звучит: гуманитарная помощь. Сразу вроде не как мурлюканьский турист, гринго значит, а как Юнеско там какое, или это, как его.... не помню.
Ладно, вот текст письма с просьбами.
Hi guys,

As some of you might know, at the end of November we are going on a trip to a remote island off the shore of Belize, a Central American country.
The only clinic on this island consists of a local nurse and a doctor provided by the Cuban government as part of humanitarian mission. This small clinic is in dire need of supplies, and we are happy to help them in any way we can. The clinic asked us to bring some sheets and towels, and a few medicines widely available over the counter here but requiring a day-long trip to get them there.

So here is the reason for my email: if any of you would like to donate
- triple antibiotic ointment or anti fungal creams, Motrin, Advil, any common over-the-counter drugs.
- twin size sheets, flat and fitted, any color - but white is easy to bleach, used or new.
- bath and hand towels are needed also.

These don't have to be new, even open bottles are fine. Just in case you bought something for a one-time use and don't need it anymore - don't let it sit in your closet beyond the expiration date.

I am sure the island people will greatly appreciate it :-)

Please let me know before November 15th. Thanks!

Буду признательна.

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