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Columbia University: A Documentary Accusing Arab Professors of Intimidating Jewish Students

Columbia Unbecoming is a 40-minute reel of testimony from fourteen students and recent graduates who describe, among other things, moments of feeling cowed by professors for expressing pro-Israel sentiment in the classroom. The startling thing about the video, made by a group called the David Project, isn’t just that these students showed their faces. It’s that they dared
to name names, and that all of the professors are in the university’s Department of Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures, known around campus as MEALAC. One student, an Israeli and a former soldier, says a professor named Joseph Massad demanded to know how many Palestinians he’d killed; another woman recounts how George Saliba, one of the country’s foremost scholars on Islamic sciences, told her she had no claim to the land of Israel, because—unlike him—she had green eyes, and therefore was “not a Semite.” At one moment, the video simply shows a block of text, pulled from an article in the Egyptian Al-Ahram Weekly: “Half a century of systematic maiming and murdering of another people has left its deep marks on the faces of these people,” it says,
referring to Israeli Jews. “The way they talk, the way they walk, the way they handle objects, the way they greet each other, the way they look at the world. There is an endemic prevarication to this machinery, a vulgarity of character that is bone-deep and structural to the skeletal vertebrae of its culture.” The passage was written by Hamid Dabashi, the former chairman of MEALAC.

Дуамете, студенты сочиняют?
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