March 2nd, 2005


Abortions - the Ultimate Dispute

Finally, a discussion that I don't want to be a part of, even though it is about something I care about.
Беспросветно там. Впервые вижу в жж пост, который слово в слово можно было бы услышать в передаче Шона Хеннити. Не прото мысли те же, но даже обороты речи.

Мне казалось, этот пост был призывом к диалогу. Наивная я. Иллюстрация того, как эти люди готовы к диалогу.

The more is known about what's going on inside a womb, the stronger is the view that those are babies. People know baby when they see one. And a baby looks cute! Liberals used cuteness to defend seal cubs and other furry animals

Can you believe this load of crap?

Anyway, the rule of thumb here is: don't read or participate in the discussions that have disgusting pictures of 5-months old fetuses in them...