May 5th, 2005


Подойди, детка, поближе, дам тебе конфетку...

Brazil turns down US Aids funds

Guess why?
You guessed it:

Washington says it is important not to promote prostitution, and does not want any of its funds to be spent on treating prostitutes.
Much of the spending is being channeled to programs that advocate abstinence, rather than condom use, and cannot be used for abortions or to treat prostitutes.

The US development agency, USAid, had offered Brazil around $40m.
Aids campaigners have welcomed a decision by Brazil to turn down US funds

Yes, really, that makes sense: why treat the highest at risk population?! They will just die off form AIDS and the oldest profession will be no more. While the young people will stop having sex altogether and condoms will only be used as party balloons.

It's actually not the first time when Brazil shows the US the finger. Go Brazil!

Разговор в дилерской

Один работник дилерской диктует другому фамилию какого-то клиента, который оставил в починке машину. Фамилия звучит что-то типа "Yoda". Второй работник записывает, потом отрывает от компьютера осоловелый взгляд и произносит со смачным brother pronunciation:

- But Yoda is a Jedi... Yoda don't need his car fixed!...