April 5th, 2011


Националистам на заметку

Вот как надо реагировать на ксенофобию, направленную против тебя. Это отрывок из письма директора Еврейского Центра своим посетителям по поводу ожидающейся завтра демонстрации неких антисемитов/гомофобов/расистов из баптистской церкви Канзаса, которые собрались устроить организованное выступление напротив бостонского еврейского центра. Полный текст можно прочитать по ссылке.

The JCC supports the First Amendment right of freedom of speech, and we are cooperating with the police and others to assure that the right is upheld without compromising your safety.
The demonstrators will not be allowed on JCC property and should not interfere with your access to JCC facilities. We expect that any Westboro members who arrive will have signs carrying anti-Semitic messages that will be difficult to witness. We ask you to help us maintain the dignity and integrity of our community by not responding or interacting in any way.
Other communities have found that starving the demonstrators of their desire for attention has minimized their effectiveness. We believe that the best thing we can do under these unfortunate circumstances is to go about our business-and on Wednesday, as we do every day, we will welcome you at the JCC and look forward to serving you.