February 22nd, 2013


Как вы думаете, о какой религии тут речь?

A gang of overbearing religious scolds is targeting NNN store owners who open shops in NNN enclave, ordering them to comply with a shadowy but strict set of standards or face sinful consequences.
Residents said the VVV — known as the modesty patrol — struck again Thursday, blanketing lightposts and car windshields with flyers calling for the boycott of a new women’s clothing shop at ... Ave. and trumpeting an afternoon protest.
The store’s offense? Having big windows, through which the sight of women holding up dresses and picking through clothes are too easily observed from the street.

“It is not right,” said the manager of a sandwich shop down the block from the dress shop, explaining that the “man and his wife, trying to make a living for them and their family” opened just days ago.
“When we opened the store, they put up flyers,” he added. “They made a protest saying, ‘Don’t eat here.’ We were the first fast-food restaurant in the neighborhood. They were saying men and women can sit together and are on the line together.

Bearded men paid LLL a visit one month after he opened his two-story parlor, demanding that he put up signs telling customers how to dress. LLL spoke to his lawyer, asking how to follow their orders without being sued for discrimination should he ban clothes favored by the non-religious. “You have to respect the community,” LLL said, describing the dilemma. “I want people to send their children here. If people don’t send their children here, I am out of business.”

“It’s a new kind of discrimination case,” said CCC, the commission’s general counsel. “There is a clash between anti-discrimination laws and freedom of religion.

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