Аннушка, Свободный Человек (geish_a) wrote,
Аннушка, Свободный Человек

Morocco / south Spain

My husband and I are planning a trip to the south of Spain and Morocco in June. We are looking for inexpensive exotic places, safe and not very touristy.
The problem is we are very restricted in time: the whole trip has to be about 10-12 days. So we need to spend 4-5 days in Spain and as much in Morocco (plus getting there and back).

So here is the question: while the information about Spain is easy to find, we are at a loss about Morocco.
1. Could you recommend 2-3 towns in Morocco worth seeing, not too far away, exotic and safe?
2. Is there an easy way to get around in Morocco, buses etc...?

Any info (about Spain as well) will be highly appreciated!

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