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Для моих френдов в России - работа

Если вы хорошо владеете английским и у вас есть быстрый интернет дома, то может быть это неплохой способ заработать. Под катом все подробности. Я к ним отношения никакого не имею, это просто попалось на одном из ресурсов, где я иногда нахожу для себя подработку.

Details of the project: Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: LIOX) is a leading provider of globalization and testing services. Lionbridge combines global resources with proven program management methodologies to serve as an outsource partner throughout a client's product and content lifecycle -- from development to globalization, testing and maintenance. Global organizations in all industries rely on Lionbridge services to increase international market share, speed adoption of global products and content, and enhance their return on enterprise applications and IT system investments. Based in Waltham, Mass., Lionbridge now maintains more than 50 solution centers in 25 countries and provides services under the Lionbridge and VeriTest brands. To learn more, visit http://www.lionbridge.com

We are now recruiting Internet Judges who can work from their home evaluating search results.

Position Title: Internet Judge
Hours: 25 per week
Position Type: Vendor/Freelancer

Job Profile:
As an Internet Judge you will be a key participant in helping determine the relevance of search results. The role involves detailed reviewing, evaluation and feedback of websites based on an objective set of guidelines using online tools. The Ability to quickly identify and assess content which is relevant to a particular search is an integral part of this role. Candidates must be avid internet enthusiasts. If you love browsing the web and have thoughts on which websites are good and which are poor and why, then we want to hear from you!

We are looking for freelance Judges who are available to work from home, based in Russia.

Candidate should be able to commit to up to 25 hours a week, working Monday - Friday (Hours of work are flexible)

• Preferred level of education/certification - Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent)
• Able to work independently based on detailed written instructions
• Excellent time management skills
• Fluency in Russian and English, English qualification advantageous
• You must be resident in desired country for 3 consecutive years for cultural awareness reasons
• Access to the internet with High-speed Internet connection (DSL or cable), and confident in using the Internet
• Proficient with Microsoft Office applications
• Secure access to personal computer running a recent version of Windows (Vista or XP), with Adobe reader and WinZip required
• Personal computer running on recent version of Windows (Vista or XP) and must have at least 512 MB of memory and 1.5 GHz processor
• To be willing and available to complete on-line training for a period of 2 weeks

Recruitment Process:
All correspondence in relation to this position must be in English only. If you are interested in applying for this position please submit your CV (in English ONLY) to Demba.Baldeh at lionbridge.com or Rebekah.Llamas at lionbridge.com
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