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Но для поднятия настроения всегда можно послушать вот эту песенку Гоголь Борделло (из очень милого фильма "Wristcutters, A Love Story"):

Интересно только, они специально делают так, чтобы не попасть правильно ни в одну ноту?

Для интересующихся текст под катом. Почему-то в гугле все тексты, которые я нашла, с явными ошибками, так что я написала, как смогла, по слуху.

When there is trap set up for you
in every corner of this town,
and so you learn the only way to go is underground.
When there's a trap set up for you
in every corner of your room,
and so you learn the only way to go is through the roof.

Oh-oh-oh, through the roof, underground!

And as we're crossing border after border
We realize the difference is none.
It's underdog zoo, and if you want it,
You always have to make your own fun.
And as the upper dog leisurely sighing,
The local cultures are dying and dying,
The programmed robots are buying and buying
And - oh! - secluded freaks they are still trying and trying

Oh-oh-oh, through the roof and underground!

And as the Boy Scouts learn to read between the lines,
The silver rabbits hop between their fathers' lies.
And Boy Scouts ask, "Pa, where do they go?" --
"They go to the country that they only know."
Just like the meanings they lay between the lines,
Between the borders their real countries hide.
Their strategy is all they advertise,
Their strategy of being is one of in-your-face disguise.

Oh-oh-oh, through the roof, underground!

And when the old walls they will a'crumble
And all the systems will be discombumbled,
Around the stump of bigotry our own,

Oh-oh-oh, through the roof, underground!
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